The Solution

Our solutions, GFS, will be a preventive tool against ghost fishing. It is designed for easy installation, operation and maintenance. It will alert users promptly when a fishing line detaches from its buoy or submerges deeper than intended, enabling quick response and recovery.

How does it work?

When a GFS unit is mounted on the fishing gear, it will be in «passive» mode until an unwanted event occurs. An undesirable event can typically be that the fishing net or line is dragged out into deeper water.

In the case where the buoy is damaged or the fishing gear drifts and goes deeper, the communication-unit will leave the base/socket, based on change in pressure.

The base which has a reel will still be attached to the fishing equipment (line) while the communication-unit will float to the surface where light and signal will be activated. The signal will be sent to the GFS APP, as well as being transmitted via SMS and email, which will notify the fisherman that the GFS has been released as well as its position.

Key benefits and services

Easy setup

The solution can be easily mounted on the fishing equipment and will have a plug and play approach to link the device with mobile devices for quick notification.

Easy to reset

The GFS unit can be easily reset once it has been triggered, for repeated use.

User friendly

The product is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible and intuitive for all users.

Cost-saving benefits

The GFS system requires no major investment and is based on a monthly subscription model where replacement equipment and necessary maintenance are included.

Advanced notifications

A notification service ensures that you retrieve the equipment before it is lost.

Remote appliance control

The device can be monitored and operated using your mobile phone