Save your gear - save the ocean
Ghost Fishing Solutions is dedicated to taking action on the global environmental issues of ghost fishing, thereby contributing to cleaner oceans and marine life protection.
A tech company providing the fishing industry with a game-changing, technology to prevent ghost fishing and loss of valuable fishing gear.
The Problem
Fishing gear left on the seabed poses a huge environmental problem as fish and other species continue to get stuck for years while destroying natural grazing areas and coral reefs that are important to marine life.

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The Solution
Our device “GFS” will be crafted to cancel out the loss of fishing gear in all future operations. The device is designed to be attached to the fishing gear. For larger equipment, multiple devices can be used simultaneously, ensuring that no part of the gear gets lost or left behind.

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About us
We aim to be a leading provider of preventive solutions to ghost fishing, offering fishermen cost-effective tools to manage their gear and protect our oceans and marine life.

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